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Dr Denis Fournier

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Medical Director

After dedicating his career as a general practitioner to caring for the elderly in the Quebec region, Dr. Fournier redirected his practice a few years ago to devote himself full-time to aesthetic medical treatments, a passion and project he had harbored for many years. This shift was in response to his developed sense of aesthetics and his significant interest in the field. He is also very socially committed and spends several hours of his free time on mental health causes.

With training provided by recognized experts accredited by the Collège des médecins du Québec, he has made it his mission to reveal the natural beauty of his clients. His approach, based on empathy and listening, aims to work closely with his patients to best understand their needs and adapt a personalized treatment plan that will enhance their personal beauty.

Marie-Pierre Vaillancourt


Licensed Practical Nurse - Owner

Marie-Pierre Vaillancourt is a licensed practical nurse with ten years of nursing experience, and she has worked as an esthetician for over twenty-five years.

She is highly organized, friendly, and calm, with a welcoming nature. She deeply respects the individual needs of her clients.

She competes in barrel racing and enjoys attending rodeos, which showcases her cowgirl spirit. Her approach is characterized by spontaneity and creativity, frequently bringing joy to those she encounters.

Her dedication to perfection and advancement constantly drives her to seek improvement and embrace new challenges, blending her skills in aesthetics and nursing.

She is eager for the chance to work with you.

Kasey Tremblay-Tom



My name is Kasey Tremblay-Tom and I am the receptionist at the Pur Skin Medical Aesthetics clinic.

My perfectionist approach shines through everything I undertake, and my warmth makes me naturally comfortable in my receptionist role. I am passionate about customer service, with impeccable organization and a constant attention to detail. The little joys in life inspire me and motivate me to always give my best. I am eager for knowledge and constantly strive to improve in everything I do. My warm and welcoming nature finds its natural fulfillment in my privileged role at the front desk, where I can truly showcase my skills and personality. Looking forward to meeting you!

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